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On Ma Netflix released a new series titled, “13 Reasons Why”, based off the book by author Jay Asher. This series depicts a young man, Clay Jensen, and his journey to bring justice. Banned Spotlight: Thirteen Reasons Why Septem Betsy Gomez 4 Comments The most challenged book of was Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why, a novel that has been a valuable tool in igniting conversations about suicide, bullying, and depiction of suicide was the primary reason for challenges.

The Netflix teen drama 13 Reasons Why has been trending everywhere around the world since its broadcast in March The series is based upon the Jay Asher novel of. Reason why. book is the protagonist of the story. She committed suicide for thirteen reasons, or rather, thirteen people.

Reason why. book tells their stories on tapes and sends them to the first people on her list. This person was to pass it on to the next after he or she listened to the whole set of thirteen tapes.

Initially outspoken and confident with a tongue-in Author: Jay Asher. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher This, it turns out, is the reason that Clay, who seems a decent enough boy, is on Hannah's list.

This first book by Jay Asher is remarkable for its. 13 Reasons Why Audiobook – Novel Details And Review: The story on thirteen reasons why audiobook is based on a college student who is rejected by her fellows in college and bullied. The effects of bullying are physical and. Reasons to Recommend a Book • You couldn’t put the book down.

• The characters in the book are interesting and entertaining. • The problem in the story is exciting and unpredictable.

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• The author uses descriptive language that is fun to read. • The book is part of a series,and you want to get your friends interested in the series. The PBS NewsHour recently caught up with Asher during A book shouldn’t be anybody’s first time feeling understood and that’s where censorship bothers me.

but a reason, I think, why. “Everything affects everything,” declares Hannah Baker, who killed herself two weeks ago. After her death, Clay Jensen—who had a crush on Hannah—finds seven cassette tapes in a brown paper package on his doorstep.

Listening to the tapes, Hannah chronicles her downward spiral and the 13 people who led her to make this horrific choice. Evincing the Author: Jay Asher. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher Reason: suicide. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie Reasons: profanity; sexually explicit.

Drama by Raina Telgemeier Reason. In “the reason why,” why is a conjunction linking the noun reason to the phrase “you took my book.” (Equivalent usage includes the phrases “the place where” and “the time when.”) But because is a conjunction, too.

And though language maven Bryan A. Garner approves of “the reason why” yet condemns “the reason is because. Porter is a character that appears in Thirteen Reasons Why. Porter was Hannah's guidance counselor, who she turned to for help in one final effort to save herself.

Unfortunately, he ended up telling her to go on and forget about what happened.

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But this was impossible. When Hannah was thinking about suicide she put it on a paper on thing they should discuss in class, Gender: Male. Hannah Baker has sent out a set of tapes to 13 people to explain the 13 reasons why she killed herself. Clay Jensen is the next person to get the tapes.

The first person on the tapes is Justin Foley. She explains that he was her first kiss her freshman year, but he went and said that they did more than just kiss. In my opinion, 13 Reasons Why is appropriate for kids of all ages. Parents who feel that the book presents immoral behavior and exposes teens to the horrors of the sin of suicide are right, but also need to realize that our kids 3/5.

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So really, what book banning and censorship are all about—within both small communities and at larger, oft-governmental levels—is personal opinions. And with this in mind, I present to you five (better) reasons not to ban.

**THE BOOK THAT STARTED IT ALL, NOW A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES** "Eerie, beautiful, and devastating." —Chicago Tribune "A stealthy hit with staying power thriller-like pacing." —The New York Times "Thirteen Reasons Why will. And as schools across the country decide how they want to handle the potential effects of 13 Reasons Why, at least one district attempted to .